All of my memories keep you near. In silent moments, imagine you'd be here. All of my memories keep you near. Your silent whispers, silent tears.

….. I dunno LOL

Yes, this is the craziest time ever of mine !!!

8 months ago I decided to go study abroad after my dad said he wants me to go. Yeah that’s great! I love to :x Then I got my TOEFL degree, yes that’s my luck because I didn’t prepare anything for the test. This spring I’ve become an official student of HCC. Life seems so wonderful!

3 days before the Tet holiday, my uncle has died in a serious accident. 3 weeks later, my family got another bad new. My grandma got cancer. Doctors said that my grandma cannot be cured because it’s too late. Now she has only a few days left. What can we do huh? Death is too easy!

My bf and I just broke up. Without saying any “goodbye” words, we all know :) I asked myself: “What is love?” then I answered myself: “It’s a joke!” :)) haha really? I don’t know! Our love is not a joke. Easy come, easy go. That’s it :) There’s no light at the end of this road!

Recent days, my “1st love” wants me to come back to him, he wants to rebuild our relationship. We used to love each other passionately for 4 years. I know he still loves me :( I know there are too much terrible things I’ve done :( I know my friends will be crazy :( I know my mom will be mad :( I know there are too much obstacles!!! But I don’t know what to do!!! The truth is, he is the one that I cannot forget :(

AAAAA I’m goin crazyyy because of meeee >”<


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